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Here at Lola Lo, we excel in creating an exotic treasure chest of cocktails, brought to you with theatre from our talented bartenders. With a range of over thirty including Classics, Sharers, and a range unique to us, make sure you try our infamous Easter Island Surprise or the Daddy Moai. Want to your hand at some of ourdelicacies concoctions? We've created a "How to" video for each one...Click here to see the playlist.

We also have a cracking range of beer, cider and craft beer, ranging from household names like Peroni to some of the upcoming favourites of the craft beer world; Brewdog, Brooklyn and Dogfish DNA.

For those with sophisticated taste or in need of some bubbles for a celebration, we offer a beautiful range of white, red and rose wines, as well as champagnes and sparkling wines.

We truly believe our range of premium spirits is the finest outside London - also available bottle-to-table in our fantastic VIP offering, we serve the best quality and brands names of all the major spirits including 15 speciality rums!

So lets raise our drinks to Lola Lo where you can celebrate living life to the full!

Click here to see our delicious menu.

Cool off this Summer with our "Those Summer Nights" drinks menu!Click here to see the menu.