What Are The Different Types Of the Bitcoin ATMs?

What Are The Different Types Of the Bitcoin ATMs?

Bitcoin ATMs today have become more and more popular in the recent years as many people are interested in the cryptocurrency. The bitcoin ATMs or BTMs enable the users to buy or sell BTC using cash and debit cards. There’re various kinds of the bitcoin ATMs accessible, each with own unique functions, for more details visit California bitcoin ATM now. Let us check out different types of the bitcoin ATM available.

One Way Machine

One kind of the bitcoin ATM is one-way machine, which just allows users can buy bitcoin. The machines are generally found in the public places like airports, shopping malls, and convenience stores. For using one-way ATM, users require a bitcoin wallet & cash that they wish to use for buying bitcoin. Then they can insert cash in the bitcoin machine and get the receipt with QR code that will be scanned by the bitcoin wallet to get purchased bitcoin.

Two Way Machine

Another kind of the bitcoin ATM is two-way machine, which enables the users to buy or sell bitcoin. Such machines are commonly found in the bitcoin exchange offices as well as are used by the traders or investors. For using two-way ATM, users must have the bitcoin wallet as well as the bitcoin address. Then they can insert cash in the machine for buying bitcoin and scanning the bitcoin address for selling bitcoin and getting cash.

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Multi-Cryptocurrency ATM

Most of the bitcoin ATMs provide extra cryptocurrency options like Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. Such machines are popularly known as the multi-cryptocurrency ATMs as well as are becoming more and more popular as many cryptocurrencies are been added in the market.

Besides these different kinds of the bitcoin ATMs out there, there are different models and brands available. Most of the bitcoin ATMs are made only for the indoor use, whereas others are made for the outdoor use as well as come with the weatherproofing functions. Some bitcoin ATMs come with the additional security functions like encrypted communication protocols and biometric scanners.

Final Words

Overall, the bitcoin ATMs are considered to be the most convenient and simple way for the people to buy or sell their bitcoin. With the different models and types available, users will be able to select the right bitcoin ATM, which best suits their preferences and needs. Thus, ensure you choose the best bitcoin ATM now.

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