Everything to know about MDMA in Canada and the best place to buy

Everything to know about MDMA in Canada and the best place to buy

MDMA is also called Ecstasy, a psychoactive drug used for treating Post-traumatic stress. It is a breakthrough in therapy. It came into the market in 1912. It was used in the 1970s and 1980s by Physiatrists for developing reflection and interpersonal communication. But initially, it was banned as it caused harm and abuse as it was used in sports.

How does it affect the body? 

  • There are various neurotransmitters that are coupled with various other hormones that get released when MDMA is taken.
  • People taking MDMA get energized and become empathetic which are some parameters to assess difficult and stressful scenarios in life.

It can really make a person who is suffering from PTSD feel more comfortable and give relief to his problems. It is paired with oral therapy and talk therapy to achieve the result. Also, ingestion of MDMA has no side effects. Only there maybe a temporary loss of appetite and in some cases Nausea. It being paired with any other therapy gives the person self relief and helps the brain to process painful memories that the person has with them.

What are Moon Rocks? - Gallus Detox Centers

The main aim of this MDMA is to enable the person taking it to go into their subconscious ability of self healing. It increases the level of oxytocin, dopamine and many other similar kinds of chemicals in the body that helps the user to produce compassion and trust in them. It is not just a party drug but it is a drug which has a high potential for therapy. Some of the couples too uses this as it boosts trust and compassion and it also helps in improving the sex life.

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