The Wonderful Benefits of Visiting a Freestanding ER

Freestanding ERs have skyrocketed over the past few years. At first, these facilities were made available in rural areas, where people are far from a hospital. Now, you can find freestanding ERs anywhere, such as in neighborhoods and suburban areas. That’s because these facilities can sometimes be better than an attached ER. And there are also times when the traditional ER in your local hospital is not that good when it comes to their service. So in times like these, at least you have the option to go to a freestanding ER instead of going to your hospital’s ER.

If you want to consider going to a freestanding ER instead of your local ER, you can enjoy the benefits they offer. Not only do they offer the same service, but they also make sure that you get the best service you deserve and need while acting as an emergency clinic. So if you want to know the benefits of a freestanding ER are, make sure to read on below.

Shorter to Zero Wait Time

One of the biggest problems of traditional ER is that they have long wait times all the time. Sometimes it’s not their fault, sometimes it is. If they’re not organized and have a system to follow, they won’t be able to see all of their patients right away. That’s why many people opt to visit a reliable freestanding ER, where they will be seen by a doctor right away. So if you’re experiencing a severe health issue, you won’t need to justify that what you’re feeling is also important, just as anybody else.

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More Time with the Doctor

Another great advantage of a freestanding ER is that you have more time with the doctor. Since the waiting time is shorter, you can relay your issue to the medical professional without misdiagnosing your health problem. Their number one priority is your health, and they want to ensure that they don’t provide the wrong type of service to their patients or give them the wrong kind of medicine. Spending the time you need with a doctor will ensure that you get the best quality of care you deserve.

Highly Trained Physicians

Most of the traditional ERs will only have an assistant see you first or a nurse. These are not enough if you’re experiencing a serious health concern that needs to be seen by a trained medical professional. Even though the physician assistant (PA), medical assistant (MA), or certified nurse practitioner (CNP) are there to help you, nothing beats being checked by a certified medical practitioner. They have the expertise to diagnose your problem and find the right solution to fix your health.

The Bottomline

Everybody wants to ensure that they get the best quality service when it comes to their health. Unfortunately, sometimes, a traditional ER isn’t cut to do that. But thankfully, freestanding ERs are on the rise to provide excellent healthcare facilities and services to their patients.

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