Top Five Seed Banks on The Internet In India

Top Five Seed Banks on The Internet In India

The internet is a great resource for all of your needs. To make sure that you have all the information and accessories you need for your garden, look no further than these Top five seed banks on the internet in India.

The 5 Best Seed Banks on the Internet in India

  1. Seed Savers Exchange

Seed savers exchange is the most famous seed bank in India. This seed bank is for all of your rare and hard-to-find seeds which can be sold or traded at a higher price. This seed bank believes that people should share seeds, not sell them. They have provided a way to purchase common and rare heirloom seeds through their online catalogs. Each customer can have access to almost every kind of vegetable, fruit and herb seeds you may need to create your own “Garden of Eden”.

  1. Seed Vault

The seed vault is a “foundation dedicated to encouraging and facilitating the preservation, sharing and exchange of heirloom seeds”. It was created in the year 1984. The mission of this foundation is to provide “a secure, modern, environmentally friendly place where seeds can be stored, providing the capability to store seed samples for future generations”.

Top five seed banks on the internet

Raindrop Seed Vault – Iowa state University

  1. Seed Savers Exchange (India)

Seed Savers Exchange (India) is a part of Seed Savers Exchange which was started at Nagpur in 2003 as an extension of their mission. They are committed to preserving and sharing rare and heirloom seeds from around the world. Besides this, they are also committed to promoting sustainable agricultural practices through community outreach and education.

  • They offer a very large variety of seeds from different countries across the globe.
  • A high quality of service at a fair price is given to each customer.
  • All seeds are accompanied by detailed growing instructions which are given in their catalogs.
  1. Bija Vidyapeeth, Bharat

Bija Vidyapeeth is an NGO which is dedicated to the conservation and promotion of India’s agricultural heritage and for establishing new ways for improving farm livelihoods. It was created in 1985 by a group of scientists and technologists who wanted to contribute to the improvement of agriculture in India through modern technology and traditional wisdom.

  • They offer a wide variety of organic vegetable, fruit and herb seeds from india.
  • Their seeds are grown and packed in India.
  • You can buy online or through a mail order catalog.
  1. Anand Bazaar, Bangalore

Anand Bazaar is the only source for original and classic Channapatna toys made of wood. They are committed to providing high quality products at affordable prices without compromising on quality. They also do other handicrafts such as jewelry and clothing accessories made with cotton cloth, leather, terracota etc., these products have been hand crafted by artisans from across South India using traditional methods handed down over generations while using only the finest available materials.

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