Why Use A Glass Bubbler Than A Bong For Smoking?

Why Use A Glass Bubbler Than A Bong For Smoking?

Smoking makes you calm and relaxed, and some say that they can do deep concentration and stay focused on what they are doing. There are a lot of forms to smoke, either in the form of a cigarette, a bubbler, or a bong. The smoking device, called a bubbler, uses water to make bubbles and filter the smoke. Many choose bubblers for smoking because it is much smaller than a bong.

The glass bubblers are big than the dry-hand pipe. The most preferred and good type of bubbler is the glass bubbler.

What is a glass bubbler?

A glass bubbler is made of glass with the same function as a bong but in a compact size. Similar to a bong, it has the following parts:

  • Bowl
  • Water Chamber
  • Stem
  • Mouthpiece

Bubblers have fixed bowls, not removable bowls commonly found on larger water pipes. A built-in carb in the side of the bubbler’s bowl allows the chamber to clear the smoke. Smoking from a pipe produces harsh smoke that causes burned throat, while the bubbler cools down the smoke.

glass bubblers

How to use it?

Fill the bubbler with water and place some cannabis flowers into the bowl. Torch the flower and put your thumb over the carb. After covering the carb, inhale through the mouthpiece. Release your thumb in a few seconds as it clears the chamber. Most bubblers have a smaller bowl, making them a perfect water pipe, which is good for personal use.

Upon taking a hit, the vapor or smoke travels from the bowl into the chamber with water before it moves up to the stem and into the mouth and lungs. The process cools the smoke, which makes it cleaner and smoother hits, which is less harsh on the throat.

How to clean?

A bubbler is not easy to clean. It is small and difficult to scrub the inside part. The best way to clean it is to fill it with isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt. Leave it for 1 hour and give a few shakes occasionally, it dissolves the built-up resin and will leave the glass clean.

Benefits of using bubblers

Due to the smaller build of the bubblers, it is easy to keep. In short, it is handy and portable. A bubbler hits more quietly compared to bongs, making it easier when smoking while many people are around. Bubblers have a better taste of smoke than dry pipes. The smoke is filtered through water before it reaches the lips.

Here is a list of benefits when using glass bubblers:

  • Durability
  • Stealth
  • Ease of use
  • Taste
  • Simplicity
  • Versatility

If you love smoking, then you would appreciate the use of bubblers. Add glass bubblers to your smoking collection!

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