Animation videos for companies: why they work

Animated videos have a high communicative and strategic potential, for a variety of reasons.Let us look at the advantages of an animated video as a promotional and marketing tool

Animated videos: empathize more and better

Cartoons or animated videos are real magnets for attention: it is valid for children as well as for adults, because the bright colors are attractive and the moving drawings require, even only on a cognitive level, a surplus of attention to decode the meaning. In addition to this, the emotional aspect plays a fundamental role.

Identifying with a cartoon is easier, because the drawings can be much more evocative than an image taken from reality. They are therefore an excellent ally for strengthening corporate communication and web marketing animation studios australia.

Animation videos are easy to understand

An animated video allows you to express complex concepts in a simple and direct way . In a few seconds, it is possible to condense a large amount of information, which is why animation is the perfect tool for conveying educational / didactic, as well as promotional, content.

Animation videos adapt to any format

Animated videos always look good: they are perfect on the home page of a site to present a company, or as an online or television commercial. They also work very well in integration with social networks, because they are able to “speak” to the viewer, even without audio.

Animation videos

General quality of animated video

Except in exceptional cases, an animated video for promotional and marketing purposes should be around 20/30 seconds in duration, one minute at the most. For this reason it is important to condense all useful information in a quick, direct and easy to understand way: storytelling and script in an animated project are fundamental.

Animated videos allow for greater freedom of expression

Unlike a traditional video, animated videos open up a boundless universe of narrative possibilities: the drawings can provide settings and characters on their own, without having to resort to real actors or really being with the camera in the open sea, if the story is set in the ocean.

With animation we are completely free: we can tell a story that has as its protagonist’s aliens on Mars or magical creatures in a forest, or a talking tiger and so on. You may endlessly stream your thoughts and traveling with the imagination without setting any limits.

Getting in touch with an animation studio is probably the best ways to kick start your imaginations – be it creating an animation story for your startup company or a new project for your college. Reach out to them with your requirements and let your creative juices flow. What are you still waiting for? Find one in your area and talk to them today.