Learn more about the getting into international schools in Singapore

Learn more about the getting into international schools in Singapore

Singapore has a sizable expat population and is fortunate to have a varied choice of world-class international schools. When confronted with a new educational system, it is vital to compare several critical elements. In these institutions, which cater to a wide range of cultures, there is usually no dominant nationality or ethnic group. 


While majority of these less-priced schools located in the Central District, other campuses can be found in the East, West, and North. Location is crucial for the thriftiest parents because it can save a modest amount on school transportation fees. 

School fees

Expats may be startled to hear that international schools cost more than those in their home countries. International school fees in singapore typically increase by 3–8 percent per year, with additional costs such as development levy or infrastructure fees, application and enrolment fees, as well as payments for school excursions, examinations, general liability, learning support, extracurricular activities, journals, transportation, uniforms, and meals.

Discounts may be available to families with more than one child enrolled in school, though this is more frequent when a third and fourth child is present.

Facilities and extracurricular activities

Many foreign schools have Olympic-sized swimming pools, innovation centers, auditoriums, and technology tools. It’s crucial to perceive how much exposure students typically get to these topics.

Extracurricular activities, which may or may not be financed by school fees, provide students with a respite from their academics. It’s critical to inform the child’s available activities; most schools offer a variety of sports, music, and visual arts.

Exam results and success

Education is generally of good quality throughout all curriculums, with exam results provided once a year. Many schools choose for annual inspections to ensure the high standards are followed.

Subjects or the languages offered

It’s critical to know what topics and language options are available at each school, especially if the child is at a critical stage in deciding what field they want to pursue and requires certain facilities and support.

Every child has different educational needs, and every family has choices, yet Singapore is lucky to be a Southeast Asian international university. There are numerous school options available, and with some research, narrow down the possibilities to get to know the international school fees in singapore. Before making additional preparations such as accommodation, transportation, and so on, parents should create a shortlist of curricular options.

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